Making DIY Wooden Signs As Gifts

Would you like to start decorating your home with some DIY wooden signs? These signs can add a lot of personality to each room, especially if you take the time to make them on your own. Why purchase expensive art to hang on the walls? You can simply make a bunch of different wooden signs to hang up in different places, such as your kitchen, living room and your bedroom, too.

Paint the Signs

If you are going for an abstract look and feel, you may want to use a few different colors to paint neat designs on a wooden sign. You could choose specific shades based on the color theme you are sticking with for a certain room. For example, if you are using shades of red and gray in the living room, you might want to paint a wooden sign with gray and red paint. You could paint lines, circles and other assorted patterns on the wood to create your own unique wooden sign that is interesting to look at.

Spray Paint Some Quotes

Although abstract art is great, you might want to get even more creative and add some funny, loving or kind quotes to your wooden signs. The best way to add quotes to the signs is to get lettering stencils and place them on top of each sign. You could use spray paint or traditional paint, although spray paint would be much easier. Simply spray the paint right over the stencil to spell out the specific quote you like the most and then you will have a neat sign that says something awesome.

Not sure what quotes to use? You can always look online to get a bit of inspiration for your own wooden signs. There are a lot of neat quotes out there that you might like to see on a daily basis because they are so meaningful to you.

Add Different Embellishments

Create a unique look by adding embellishments to your wooden signs. You could paste assorted flowers around the edges of a sign or cover the entire thing with a bunch of artificial flowers. It is easy to find artificial flowers in craft stores, but you can order them online if you are looking for a specific style. Along with adding flowers to the signs, you may want to use ribbon, bows and even pearl beads.

The best thing to do is come up with a plan for each sign before getting started. Once you have a few designs in mind, you could draw them out, figure out what types of supplies you would need to get and then start the process of designing these beautiful DIY wooden signs.

Wooden signs are great to use for decorative purposes. You can do just about anything you would like to do with them, such as painting them with different colors, spray painting quotes and words on them or even putting embellishments on them. Once you have created some decorative signs, you can hang them up anywhere you would like to see them in the home.

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