Rustic Decorating Ideas

Camping, hiking and hunting are fantastic ways to surround ourselves with the natural beauty that this wonderful world has to offer. Adding a bit of that same tranquil beauty to the internal atmosphere of a home can prove very beneficial to people’s overall well-being. There are a few rustic decorating ideas that can change a drab looking room into an area where someone will want to spend time relaxing.

Choosing to go rustic is a new concept for many people. The vision of rustic design varies greatly from individual to individual. Some people see it as simply trees and rugged rocks that should be left outside of the home. Others may see it as old broken down rocking chairs and other outdoor furniture that has been stored behind some barn somewhere.

The fact is that if utilized thoughtfully, a variety of wood and other natural materials can add a great deal of life to any room. Before jumping headfirst into a full-fledged transformation of every room in the house, it may be wise to take it one baby step at a time. This can be done by choosing a small space to experiment with such as a master bedroom’s bathroom or even a guest room.

If the space chosen is the bathroom, the following rustic decorating ideas may be helpful:

  • Changing out the modern aluminum shower curtain rods and replacing them with sturdy, attractive wooden rods and braces would be a great start. There are many curtains available for the shower that look antique and outdoorsy.
  • Replacing bland looking bathtubs with old-style tubs that have feet can give the space a bit of old western look and feel.
  • Adding different light fixtures and sink faucets can make a major difference as well. Especially if the faucets in the antique tub matches the faucets on the sink.

If the bedroom is the chosen space to make a few changes, then the following ideas may come in handy:

  • Adding a nice granny style rocking chair with a handmade pillow seat cushion and matching ottoman would be fantastic.
  • If the flooring is wood a nice country style area rug would go well beneath a bed that has been constructed using logs such as those found in many cabins and lodges.
  • Re-framing mirrors and pictures with matching wood frames is always a good choice as long as they complement the furniture that exists in the room.

The above information is simply a few of the many different ideas for creating a more natural feeling in the home environment. There is simply so much that can be done in and around a home or apartment that a person would need to do a bit of exploring. Spending a little bit of time combing through the available products at hardware stores and furniture outlets can uncover a few wonderful treasures. Going rustic can produce a very relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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