Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

Does fall happen to be your favorite season of all time? If so, you may be excited about decorating for the occasion. There are tons of creative outdoor fall decorating ideas that will leave the outside of your property looking its best.

Pumpkin Flower Pots

Create pumpkin flower pots and put them in front of your home. You can easily make these flower pots by purchasing plastic pumpkin-shaped containers and covering them with spray paint. Choose a metallic color so that these pumpkin flower pots are easy to see during the day and at night. Once you have covered them with metallic spray paint, give them an hour to dry before putting soil and flowers together inside the pots.

Add Artificial Autumn Leaves Around Your Door

Take a trip to the craft store and look for some artificial autumn leaves. These leaves may be available in shades of red, orange and yellow. You can use the artificial leaves as a doorway frame for the front door. Simply pin them in place and the front door will look fall-ready.

Make Your Own Fall Wreath

Why purchase an expensive wreath when you can make one on your own with affordable items? You would need to buy a foam wreath ring, artificial flowers and hot glue. Although you can select any flowers that you personally like to put on the wreath ring, consider choosing flowers in the shades of red, orange and yellow because those colors match perfectly with the fall theme.

All you have to do to create your own fall wreath is apply a few dabs of hot glue to the back of the flowers, press them down on the wreath and then give the flowers some time to dry. Once the flowers are sticking to the foam ring and the glue is completely dry, hang the wreath up on the front door. It will look great with the autumn leaves that are hanging around the entryway.

Paint a Real Pumpkin

If you have time to go to a pumpkin patch or a store that is selling pumpkins, consider buying the biggest one you can find. Once you bring the pumpkin home, paint it white and wait for it to dry. As soon as it dries, consider painting your initials, last name or the names of the family members in the household on the pumpkin. You can put the pumpkin right by the front door so that everyone will see it as they are passing by.

If fall is your favorite season, you are probably getting excited about decorating the outside of your home to match with the colors of the season. There are some fun outdoor fall decorating ideas you can get started on right now. The pumpkin flower pots, autumn leaves, fall wreath and painted pumpkin are simple, affordable and creative decorations that will look great when placed outside of your home. Once you have decorated the home’s exterior, you may want to begin focusing on planning out decorations for the inside of the home.

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